Arthur Reviews Buffalo Wild Wings

By Arthur Prowant

Well, the first thing I notice pulling into the entrance is how clean there isn"t any trash in the parking lot. The building is just as depicted in the commercial. As we walked up to the door the glass is fingerprint-free, as you walk in the atmosphere is awesome wonderful with all the TV's around the whole restaurant each screen has a different sport, there is so many different seating, table booth &higher chair &table, as we walked we were greeted with a beautiful smile, & kind attitude, she asks us preferred seating we chose table seating so my walker can fit in, they have enough room for me to get in & out easily it is so nice to have this.  As I look around as We are sitting down to start our dining experience I view there is no trash or tables none needed to be cleaned. she hands us our menus to place our order she takes our drink order I ask if the sodals are free refills, &she says yes, so we place our drink order, So then we go over the menu & observe the different areas such as beverage sandwiches & appetizers. 

Then we look at the prices so we can decide what we are getting for our 100.00 gift card she comes in to get our order we get 2 of the chicken sandwiches, & ask if we can order 2 of 30 wings to go, she yes indeed we can so we finish placing our order, while we are eating our appetizers we are eating & notice people are enjoying their meals.  We're talking about our day until our food arrived, when the food arrived you could smell the food before it arrived & as it was set in front of us it looked so great it was set upon the plate it meets my expectations in all ways our waitress came to our table making sure we didn't need anything,  went to the restroom it was very clean, trash wasn't overloaded toilet seemed to be up to par. There was plenty of seating, we didn't have to wait, we were able to watch plenty of TVs, there were a lot of them so that was good. the waitress kept making sure we were comfortable, and making sure we had what we needed. the food was very good and delicious. good size portions, when we got done they were polite to help with our to-go boxes. they asked if we needed anything else, but we were good to go. so as we sat there finishing up they didn't try to rush us out they let us stay as long as we wanted. I would go there again very good atmosphere and environment.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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