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De'Von's Playstation VR Review

I was so excited to review the PlayStation VR headset, and I hooked it up the moment I got it. I found out Thursday morning that I had been selected, I confirmed my address and it arrived with my regular mail on Saturday afternoon, so the shipping is just like my Prime two day shipping. The PlayStation VR headset came in a tightly packed box that prevented the PSVR box from moving around and being broken while being shipped. The box was taped securely as was the PlayStation box that the VR headset was actually in. Everything in the PlayStation box had its own compartment separated by cardboard dividers, making it very easy to know if you had all of the attachments. The one thing that surprised me was how many things were required to set it up. There is a power cord, an extra HDMI cord, a box that you hook the everything too and the headset. It also came with headphones for the VR experience, but I suggest having your own. I have a pair of over-the-ear headphones and they did not fit weird or crammed on my head with the VR headset on. They actually fit better than I expected they would. Your headphones, if they have a cord instead of bluetooth, get plugged into a small white device that is on the cord that goes from the VR headset to the small box that plugs into your PlayStation. The headset is very easy to use and setup, (the instructions give you step by step pictures and all of the cords are numbered so you know which step is first versus last)...

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