Brad's Papa John's Review

Brad reviewed his local Papa John's and looking at the photos it looks like he got some great food, read on to find out if it tasted as good as it looks!

By Brad

I visited Papa Johns at 7061 E. Main St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. When I arrived, there was not a line to place my order. All deals were clear and the menu very easy to follow. I did not bring any children, however I did not see any type of entertainment for kids or a children's menu.

The staff was very friendly and attentive and gave me their immediate attention. The food as prepared and ready in the expected amount of time. As far as the menu and the variety, I think it is very good especially for the pizzas. The sandwiches need to be able to be customized a little bit more. It would also be nice if Papa Johns would have salads on the menu.

I ordered a large The Works Pizza, six unsauced chicken wings with Buffalo and Blue Cheese on the side, and an Italian Sub. The Pizza was very good. Everything was done as expected and well baked like I ordered. The wings were good however they came with Buffalo Sauce on them. The Italian Sub should have been cut in half for easier eating and it was very greasy, however the flavor was excellent. I did not order any dessert.

The service and food was good overall and met my expectations This was the first time I had a sandwich from Papa Johns and the only complaint I have about that is the greasiness. It was covering the bottom of the sandwich.

I would rate my experience as a 5.

I have ordered from this Papa Johns one more time since the original time. This time for delivery. The service was faster than stated which was very nice. I ordered The Works Thin crust pizza and buffalo wings. The wings came as expected and were very good. The pizza I made a modification to. I deleted the black olives and added banana peppers. The olives were left off of the pizza but the banana peppers were not added. Other than that, everything was very good.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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