Brooke's Walmart Mystery Shop

Brooke braved the Michigan winters to go and perform a mystery shop at her local walmart super center.

By Brooke

The store I visited on my trip was the Walmart Supercenter located on Michigan Ave in Canton, MI.

Due to the previous night’s heavy snowfall, the entrance on the outside of the building and the parking lot were slushy. The indoor entrance was a little wet, but there were signs alerting the wet floors and fans blowing to minimize any incidents or accidents. The interior of the store, such as aisles and walkways, were clean and tidy. I didn’t see any litter on the floors or elsewhere.

The layout of the store was organized and easy to navigate and signs clearly indicate where each department is located. The only thing that I found difficult to find was the clearance section which was off in a corner of the store. Special offers, such as discount prices, were clearly labeled and easily visible from the aisles. Each product had its own price labeled on the shelf below or the rack above, and if it was on sale there was a special label on the price or a sign indicating as such.

There were minimal gaps on necessary items especially considering the heavy snowfall from the previous day likely prevented people from shopping that day. A couple of the gaps that I noticed included winter accessories, such as boots and snow shovels, and also gaps in the freezer sections, such as pizza and other frozen meals. Although there were some gaps in product I was able to find the brands and products that I was shopping for.

I asked one of the employees where I could find a colander and she walked me over to the area and showed me where all the different types of colanders were located on one of the shelves. She was quite friendly and made sure I didn’t need any further help before leaving.

When I finished shopping and went to go check out it was around noon and there were only 3 lanes open. One of the lanes was supposed to be closed but the employee there kept taking customers to try and clear the lines and reduce the wait time of the customers. I waited in line for about fifteen minutes before it was my turn to put my products on the belt and check out. All of the till operators seemed to be doing their best to provide a quick, efficient, and friendly experience.

The till operator that cashed me out greeted me and started a friendly conversation about my son who I had with me. Overall I was quite impressed by the friendliness of all the workers in the store, considering the amount of shoppers there and the weather conditions outside.

The quality of the products that I purchased on my trip was overall satisfactory, nothing seemed to be of poor quality or cheaply made. At the same time none of the products seemed like a high quality product for a low price. All of the products that I bought seemed to be reasonably priced for their quality.

Overall I would rate my experience a four out of five. I was able to find everything that I was there for and the employees that I interacted with were all friendly and helpful. The only drawback on my visit was that I wish there were more tills open to get customers out and on their way faster especially because the time that I visited was in the middle of the day and not at some off hour.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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