Carlotta's Apple AirPods Pro Review

Carlotta signed up and was selected to be our product tester for the Apple AirPods Pro.

By Carlotta

Well I’m glad I was picked to test the Apple air pod pros.

I received the product around November 1st, which was sooner than the date expected, the design was nice but I immediately noticed the tips of the product and I knew immediately that they were not gonna fit my ears properly.

They are very light weight and easy to carry along without taking up a lot of space, they are comfortable for the most part, but they continue to fall out of my ears often due to the silicone tips being rather big.

I feel like they were easy to set up being my first time using air pods, I love that once the product is connected to your phone it shows the battery life for the case and air pods when case is flipped open, the battery life of them is pretty long if I charge them and if I don’t use them continuously all day I maybe can go without charging for a day and half.

I found the pouch to be very convenient to keep them in, it kept me from losing or misplacing the air pods when not in use, but it was a down fall I received a cord but no adapter for charging case. it takes a special adapter so I would have to buy the adapter to use the charging cord which doesn’t make sense to me, didn’t come with everything to accommodate the AirPods.

Before the AirPod pros I only use the regular wired headphones which were nice and convenient, due to if they fell out your ears you didn’t have to worry about them being lost, I feel like the tip of AirPods could have been made better so they fit more secure in the ears, maybe it’s the shape of my ears or I didn’t insert them correctly but I’m not sure how I could not.

My only complaint is the fit and them falling out, but in my opinion I wouldn’t recommend them due to the fear of losing them from falling out. I could have lost mine multiple times mine if it weren’t for them getting caught in my hair.

But overall a good product I give it a 4 out of 5 thanks for the opportunity.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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