Ed Reviews the Ring Indoor Camera

By Ed Grant

I was selected to review the Ring Indoor Camera, and notification came via email informing me of estimated delivery date. The product arrived a day early, shipping in a soft envelope with Amazon wrapping.  It was packaged in a small box. The branding on the box was clean, modern, and easy to understand.

            As I opened the box, the camera was packed well, not excessive packing materials, and it was safe and free from damage.  Everything was included for easy installation in any location. I didn’t previously have a Ring account, so I had to download the app and create a new account. This part of the process was the only real hassle, but it seems necessary for security and functionality. The software feels secure, and is very user-friendly and intuitive.  It can be integrated with other whole-home remote electronic systems. I followed prompts, and connected the account to my Amazon account, but I don’t have other products that integrate to that type of system, so I’m not really sure I understand the functionality. I am not likely to use that or learn more about it.

            The camera was very quick and easy to set up, and once my account was active, the images came up instantly.  I set it up on a table, and it was easy for me to move it around and adjust my view.  I was not expecting the camera to also record and play sound. That was a surprise to me. I was really blown away by the quality of the resolution and sound. It’s really excellent. I manage a business that has a little over 30 security cameras. They run through a DVR, but are also accessible through cloud-based software. This Ring camera provides quality that is far superior to what I have in a commercial setting, for a fraction of the price.

From a design perspective, I don’t love that it very obviously looks like a surveillance camera.  I wouldn’t want a bunch of them around the house. Also, there is a little blue light that turns on and off intermittently, as well as a light, for dark room purposes. Every time the light turns on or off, and I’m in the room, I can’t help but feel like I’m being watched, which is kind of creepy. I would not like that in my living space. Because of that, I would be more inclined to locate this camera in a garage, or a non-living space.

            The software sets up to notify the user of any motion detection. I initially put it in my living room, and have been checking it from time to time, mostly to see what my dogs do when I’m away. I always wanted to know. The motion sensor is very sensitive, and will pick up lighting changes on the TV, as well as any small changes in the room. Again, I was very impressed by the quality. Unfortunately, this led to a notification every 5-10 seconds on my phone about activity in my living room. It was easy to change the notification settings, but I would have liked to see some sort of middle ground.

            Overall, I think the Ring indoor Camera is an excellent quality item. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. The software and the product work very well, and are very easy to use. The resolution is great, the size is good, the price is very affordable. Downsides are the lights turning on and off, the cord is not very long, and I personally don’t like having a microphone on me all of the time. With all of the features of the camera, I’m not sure where I would put it in my house that would make me feel secure, but also have privacy. Depending on the person’s needs, I would definitely recommend this camera to people.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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