Katie Reviews the Ninja Blender

By Katie Jellison

I was informed on Thursday March 23rd that I had been selected to review the Ninja Blender; and that it would be delivered on March 25th. It arrived the afternoon of the 25th. I did not meet the delivery man because I was not home at the time of delivery. I was very excited when I got home to see it sitting in the chair next to my door on my front porch when I got home. The packaging was sufficient and I appreciated the fact I didn't need a user manual to take it out of the box. It was very organized and uncomplicated upon opening while removing the various parts. Before entirely opening the various parts I went straight to the User Guide. It was immediately accessible and informative, particularly regarding the fact that the blade components are very sharp and to be careful when using and putting them together. The packaging was appropriate, consistent and secure.I love that the product has a very neutral vibe in its color and appearance. The coloring and style make it as transparent as the actual use of the blender when storing in what I believe would be any kitchen regardless of color scheme or theme. The look has a kind of transparency which parents its functionality. 

The Ninja blender is very easy to assemble and store whether you are a “let's keep it in the cabinet”, or “let's keep it in the pantry/cabinet” person. I will say that you may want to measure your cabinet height if you are in fact going to store it on your countertop unless you are simply keeping the base there.. Older houses may not accommodate sliding it back to the wall for storage. Definitely something to consider if you don't want to keep on your counter and need to prepare space if you are tight on where to keep when not in use. Initially I thought that this would be like every other hyped up blender I had ever used. I used to be a bartender, I am also an avid creator of meals that do require assistance from an additional appliance. Other blenders require user assistance and then I have damaged others by having to use a fork or spoon to help it blend; this is an independent blender. It get s the job done.One thing I love about this blender as it really is all in one. I can go from frozen drink, to smoothie, to sauce to food processor using one appliance. I am a fan of liquid food so I have predominantly tested with fruits and veggies to eat as or with my meals. One thing I noticed is that it is advised in the user guide not to go beyond the MAX FILL line on the single serve containers. I filled mine with cut up fruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, spinach…and some chocolate ice cream. I learned to add the liquid after the initial blending of the cut up fruit and spinach leaves. This is because after blending the first time with ingredients with no liquid there was plenty of space to the MAX FILL line to add liquid or additional ingredients if I wanted to at that point. And again if there is still room and any of those other or additional items to your desired concoction of yummy you are creating. I did not use the recipes that came in the booklet full of delicious suggestions but I will be trying them in the future. Other blenders I have used have been frustrating and hard to get the result I want…as disappointing as having an image in your mind for something and it is nothing like you imagined. This blender does not fit in that category. It delivers exactly what you expect it to, additionally satisfying because it is food. I think of all the money I have spent at establishments like Jamba Juice and this allows me to enjoy what I used to purchase in my own home. In other words, this pays for itself, and for the cost it is well worth it and reasonably priced for its capability. I would, and have already recommended the Ninja Blender to several of my friends. I would rate this blender its highest rating of 5 (1 being the lowest out of 1 to 5). This is definitely a blender that I would buy, brag and suggest others buy. It does not disappoint

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