Monique's Sears Review

Monique was about to move home when she was selected to be our Sears reviewer.

By Monique

My name is Monique Boothe and I was selected to be a mystery shopper at Sears. I was so excited when I found out I was selected it was like a dream come true because I always wanted to be a mystery shopper. On May 7 I went to Sears in Palm Beach gardens, Florida and since I am moving in a few months I decided to purchase some items for my new house.

The outside of the store and inside was clean which was awesome. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the outside of Sear’s due to it being 8:50pm at night and there were closing in 10 minutes. When I walked inside I asked a Sear’s employee they have a pots and pans expert assist me. That employee informed but that they do not have anyone that works in that department. I felt like that was unprofessional there should always be an employee for each department that can assist customers. The employee could only show me where the items were so I went and found a beautiful 17 set pots and pans, a rice cooker, and 22 piece wave block. The knives are something my family really need so I was so happy.

When I shop I make sure that I get a good deal for my products and there were a few offers that I did take advantage of. I received $15 off my purchase, and all of my items were on sale. There was a few gaps in the shelves but I was still able to find my items. As I went to register to pay for the items, I noticed that the cashier was very friendly and asked if I found everything ok. I did not spend much time in there because they were closing so when I went to the register I was the only person there and did not have to wait too long which was awesome.

Since I arrived late I was not able to finish at the gift card so I went back to the same store on May 8. Everything looked the same inside and outside and there still wasn’t anyone to help me in the pots and pans department. So, I decided to get something else and I ended up purchasing a new expensive bra and 7 hand soaps for Mother’s day. The cashier was very pleased and asked if I found everything ok. I’m assuming that all of Sear’s cashiers are supposed to make the customers if they found everything ok and I feel that is wonderful because it helps them to get good customers service. This time around I did wait a few minutes, it was 3 customers in front of me. If I knew what I know now I would have went to a different Sear’s to see if I could receive better customer service. I will give Sear’s in Palm Beach gardens, FL 3 stars out of 5. For those individuals that believe this isn’t a legit company, I am a living testimony. This was company free. Thank you so much for this opportunity. You have blessed my family with so many gifts for our new home.

This article has been edited for length and clarity

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