Working from home essentials to Boost Productivity

We’ve compiled some of our favorite working from home essentials to help you settle into your home working environment and keep you focused throughout the working day.

By Eleanor

1. Mug warmer

If you enjoy a hot drink, then having a mug warmer as part of your home office is essential, you’ll never have to worry about your drink going cold again. There are loads available on Amazon and they are pretty cheap, at around $8-$12, and they won't take up extra space on your desk as they sit neatly under your mug- good for preventing spills too. Most are plugged in using a USB cable so you can plug it in wherever suits you. You can also adjust the temperature depending on your drink. There are loads available on Amazon so have a browse and find one to suit your desk.

2. Laptop stand

If your home working space is limited, a laptop stand can be great for making the most of your space. Or, if you don't have a desk, a lap desk is a great alternative. A laptop stand is also great for raising your eye level and preventing strain on your neck and eyes. There are loads available online, usually starting around $10.

3. Interactive speaker

An interactive speaker can be really useful when working from home. There are loads of different ones available, most of them, like the Amazon Echo with Alexa, will let you set reminders and manage your work calendar. This is a great feature for keeping track of any tasks you need to do throughout the day, or just to remind yourself to drink water or take a break. If you enjoy listening to music whilst working, you can use Alexa to play music throughout the day, you can request a work-friendly playlist, or play your own - you can use a variety of music streaming services through Alexa. Or if you would prefer not to have a smart speaker, investing in a normal speaker is worthwhile for playing music during your working day as well as after.

4. Blue light glasses

Blue light-blocking glasses have a lot of benefits and are definitely worth investing in if you spend a lot of your day looking at a computer or phone screen. If you already wear glasses, it is usually possible to get blue-light-blocking lenses. The lenses are ideal for preventing headaches and eye strain and should help improve your sleep after a long day of looking at screens. There are loads of different styles available online including Amazon, and they are very budget-friendly, you can get multiple pairs for around $15. They’re a really good investment for preventing long-term strain, and we highly recommend them!

5. Water bottle

It sounds simple, but investing in a good-sized ‘motivational’ water bottle, is a great way to stay on track of your daily water intake and keep you hydrated whilst working. A water bottle with the time-of-day markings on it works as the perfect encouragement for drinking water and helps you keep track throughout the day. Usually, 2-3 liters is the ideal amount to have throughout the day, but when you're busy this can be hard to do, but with a constant reminder on your water bottle, you’ll find it easier to achieve this.

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